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Music has always played an important part in Christian worship, and that remains true today. We use different styles of music in our services, spanning the full Christian tradition, from hymns and choral music to contemporary worship songs.

Every other Friday is Music Night at St Mary's when anyone with a love of music is welcome to gather together to sing, chat, improvise, open the bible, play and learn together. Find out more from Wendy Loy
Although the 10:45 service at St Mary's has a similar structure and feel every week, the style of music that we use varies. On the first and third Sundays the music is led by a band and includes contemporary songs and classic hymns. On the second Sunday the music is led by an informal choir, which sings a mix of traditional and modern hymns, and which is a great place for anyone who likes singing, but isn't sure about being part of a formal choir. You don't; need to read music to join, and the informal choir doesn't wear robes. Contact Wes Hinsley to find out more and to join in. On fourth Sundays the music is led by the choir, with hymns and an anthem during communion. 
The monthly 5 O'clock service is led by the band and is very informal and free in style as we seek the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

At Christ Church the 9:15 service includes hymns led from the organ. The choir leads the music on the first and third Sundays.
If you'd like to get involved with any of the music and worship, please get in touch. 
To find out more about any aspect of the music at St Mary's, please contact Revd Hugh Nelson on 01580 211739 or hugh.nelson@ymail.comFor anything to do with music at Christ Church, please speak to the organist, David Denton on 01892 890244 or denton@kilndown.fsnet.co.uk

Christ Church hosts a weekly Community Choir, which welcomes anyone who enjoys singing. You can hear a clip of them singing here. They practice on Monday evenings. Contact Tina Gallagher for more information.

Both churches also have bells which are rung on a regular basis. At St Mary's they are rung before the 10:45 service every Sunday, as well as for weddings and on other special occasions. At Christ Church they are rung for weddings and on special occasions. Both churches welcome guest ringers.

To find out more about the bells, or to book a time to come and ring, please contact Rosemary Southon on 01580 211791 
Church Office & Vicar - 01580 211739   hugh.nelson@ymail.com